• Charity

    Tailored items for organisations, raising awareness for charities goals.

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  • Corporate

    Producing customs items nationwide, adhering to brand guidelines.

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  • Societies / Social

    Crafting unique team/friendship apparel for memorable moments.

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At Barreto golf we create products that combine quality and style without breaking the bank. Our brand was born out of a love for golf and a desire to inject more enjoyment into every swing. We're dedicated golf enthusiasts, constantly exploring new ways to make the game not just about skill but about the joy of playing.

Our Mission

Quality, Stylish, and Affordable are the cornerstones of Barreto Golf. Our aim is to introduce a fresh perspective to golf clothing that appeals to golfers from every generation.

About the Products

We take pride in the quality of our items, each product undergoes an extensive quality control testing to ensure that we supply clothing of the highest standard.

Coming Soon

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